Friday, February 27, 2009

three recipes

I recently shared some recipes with friends and family. People liked them and it occurred to me to share them here as well. We usually eat vegetarian meals since two out of the three of us in the house are vegetarians. Rather than a traditional large portion of animal protein surrounded by two small sides (one of which is usually a simple starch) and an iceberg lettuce salad we tend to eat "composed" plates. This is an idea that I was introduced to years ago in one of my favorite cookbooks The Occasional Vegetarian
by Karen Lee. Basically you create multiple dishes and serve those equally, no one dish is the "main" course.

I love lacinato kale so that's what I used for this composed plate. Kale is a member of the Brassica family which means that it is related to things like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and turnips. It's a dark leafy green, and we all need more of those, that is chock full of vitamins A, C, and K. Kale is a great source of calcium (surprise!) but with a lot of fiber It also has a high level of antioxidants and is considered anti-inflammatory. Kale is one of our favorite dark leafy greens and I hope you'll try it. Maybe it will become one of your favorites too.

Sauteed Kale and Onions (serves 3)

1 onion, diced medium
1 bunch kale chopped medium
2 T. olive oil
salt and pepper
pignolis (pine nuts)

sautee onions in 1 T. olive oil until slightly soft
add chopped kale and the other 1 T. olive oil
cook on medium stirring frequently until kale wilts
add salt and pepper to taste
turn to low and let cook 10-12 minutes stirring occasionally
in last 3-4 minutes put in a handful of pignolis and toss to mix thoroughly

Braised Carrots (serves 3)

6 large carrots, peeled and cut into large chunks
1 T. butter
1/2 C. veggie broth
pinch thyme
salt and pepper

place veggie broth and cut up carrots into a pot
bring to a boil
lower to a simmer, add thyme and cover to cook 10-12 minutes
when carrots are al dente uncover and add butter salt and pepper
cook on medium cooking off liquid (watch so it doesn't burn) stirring frequently

Quinoa Pilaf (serves 4)

1 C. quinoa
2 C. vegetarian broth
1 C. mixed vegetables
salt and pepper
generous pinch italian herbs
1 t. dried onion

rinse quinoa thoroughly (otherwise it will taste soapy)
put quinoa, broth, herbs, and onion in a pot
bring to a boil
lower to a simmer, cover and let sit 15-20 minutes
while quinoa is cooking steam vegetables
when quinoa is done mix together with drained steamed vegetables, salt and pepper


Be well.

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