Thursday, July 9, 2009


Just a brief update as there seems to be a bit of confusion regarding subscribing to my column versus subscribing to this blog.

If you found this blog and want to subscribe there's a nifty little subscribe button over on the right there.  You can enter your email address and click subscribe.  You'll get an email asking you if you really want to subscribe.  Say yes and you'll get all of the articles as soon a I write them.  Saves having to remember to look up the blog or adding it to an enormously long blogroll.

I also write at  My column there is the Houston Holistic Health Examiner but don't let the Houston part stop you from reading it.  I do put in some local stuff but there is plenty there that applies to holistic living and nutrition in general.

I've had a number of people point out that it is very confusing to have me cross-posting my columns to this blog.  I've been doing that because I write different stuff in both places but can understand how it gets overwhelming.  So in the future I will not be cross-posting.  All is not lost however, you can also sign up for the column but clicking on the "subscribe to email" link to the right of my picture.  This way when I write a column you'll get that too.  I think you'll like the information that you find there.

Thanks to all of those who sent in questions...I'm working on them and will post the answers here.  In the meantime, eat well, be well. 

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