Thursday, May 5, 2011

asthma and nutrition

asthma inhaler | photo: mendel
Asthma is on the rise. Scientists quoted in this article appear to be wondering why.  They posit that this should not be the case since air quality has improved and less people are smoking. Those are environmental factors which, while very true, don't paint the whole picture.

Here is different article which brings up scientific evidence showing that mothers who take fish oil have a reduced incidence of asthma in their offspring.  In yet another article the evidence appears to show an asthma reducing effect in children whose mothers ate apples during pregnancy.

This is the effect of nutrigenomics and it is a powerful force. One that is being recognized more and more as vital not just to our health but to the health of future generations.  As Dr. Robert Roundtree says, "Would really rather have broccoli or a sticky bun talk to your genes?"

We can't continue to eat garbage and somehow expect that it will not have an effect on our bodies or those of our children.  It is important to eat well so that we can be well.

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