Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the antianxiety food solution

Written in a warm, reader-friendly style, The Antianxiety Food Solution takes the often undiscussed topic of anxiety disorders, brings them into the light, and offers solid, scientifically backed nutritional advice to help alleviate the symptoms.

Anxiety disorders encompass a wide range of conditions from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) to panic disorder to social anxiety and more.  Often undisclosed by those who suffer from this sometimes debilitating range of disorders, anxiety can cause a wide array of physical symptoms due to the stressors, emotional toll, nutrient depletion, and the lack of proper diet.  The author herself a former sufferer of anxiety, brings the voice of experience to this topic in a caring yet straightforward way.

Diving right in to the topic, Chapter 1, Figure Out Your Optimum Antianxiety Diet, gives a step-bystep approach to proper nutrition to support the bio-individual needs of those looking to, as the sub-title says, calm their anxious mind, improve their mood, and end their cravings.  As part of the nutritional support offered in the book, the author gives very clear examples of what to eat and, just as importantly, what not to eat, even including examples of nutrient dense bonus foods.  The author then takes the subject a step further by including chapters on a wide range of conditions that may affect nutritional status and promote anxiety such as allergies, addiction, blood sugar imbalances, poor digestion, brain chemistry, hormonal imbalances, and lifestyle choices.  Throughout the book are a number of easy to understand self-scoring quizzes as well as tables which concisely illuminate the points the author is making.

One main premise of the book is the promotion of a clean, traditional diet, free from chemicals and additives, that is high in whole foods.  In another significant topic, the author explains how the use of amino acids can be highly beneficial for many sufferers of anxiety disorders.  Clearly highlighting the symptoms each amino acid deficit can cause, she then illustrates how to address these deficits and discusses how to consider use of amino acids to help regulate brain chemistry.  She then looks at a little discussed condition called pyroluria, a genetically induced anxiety disorder caused by faulty hemoglobin synthesis.  As little known as this condition appears to be it is easily treated with supplemental levels of readily obtainable nutrients; all explained by the author in very plain language.

The book ends with some solid advice about lifestyle and health changes that do not rely on medication, supplements, or nutrition, but are equally important to the concept of living a balanced, happy life.  Addressing sleep, exercise and support as an important factor in recovery.

Overall this is a book that should provide a very valuable resource for those who suffer from anxiety disorders or who have a loved one who suffers.  By following the advice in this book you will learn specific suggestions for avoiding those substances that can trigger anxiety and prevent a return to balance and wellness.  You will also gain a better understanding of and appreciation for the link between nutritional support and a balanced mood.

To purchase a copy of this book and for more information you can visit the website.  The book can also be purchased from or direct from the publisher, New Harbinger Publications, Inc.


Trudy Scott said...

I am honored that you have reviewed my new book and so appreciate your very kind words and support! And thank you too, for sharing this valuable information with your readers. The work you do as a nutrition educator and holistic health columnist is invaluable!
PS I would also like to say how much I like your writing style

food solutions said...

There's a lot of information here that will be very useful. Thanks for sharing this.

Harry said...

Thank you to you and the author of the book for mentioning Pyroluria. I suffer from Pyroluria and it took me 8 years to work out what all my issues were caused by. I am living a normal, happy and healthy life now thanks to the supplements I take.