Thursday, October 6, 2011

juice smoothie

juice smoothie
I have just found a new favorite place to stop for a cool drink when I am out running errands.  For years I have been unhappy with the smoothie places that offer various fruit concoctions claiming that they are a healthy drink.  Often these come from containers not from fresh fruit and there are added sugars.  Fruit is so sweet by itself that I've never understood the need to add other sweeteners.

And I've often wondered, where are the vegetables?  100% fruit isn't so healthy either.

My new favorite place?  New York Smoothie.  A friend told me about it and I went to check it out today.  I ordered  and then watched as the owner Mr. Hosaini juiced up (in a juicer) carrots, celery, parsley, beets, and a few other veggies, all 100% fresh.  He then transferred the juice to a blender, added some ice and created this delicious smoothie.  I'm hooked and I'm definitely going back.*

If you want to pay him a visit he's located at:
127 Sawdust Road
Spring, TX  77384

*In the spirit of full disclosure, I paid for my juice smoothie and was not asked or induced in any way to write this, I just love the product.

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MidnightAgenda said...

Sounds like I've now got a plan for an after church treat!