Friday, September 14, 2012

national honey month

September is National Honey Month.  That sweet, drippy, delicious treat.  Honey comes in many different flavors depending on where the bees collected the nectar.  Monofloral honey such as orange blossom, tupelo, buckwheat or clover may be more expensive due to the difficulty of limiting the bees access.

While there are lots of different ways to use honey, one popular usage at this time of year is to make Honey Cake.  This dessert is typically served for the Jewish New Year,  Rosh Hashanah.  This year the holiday starts at sundown on Sunday, September 16.

Honey is often seen as a healthier alternative to sugar although it is important to note that it is still a sweetener, is fairly high in fructose (approximately 38%), and should be consumed in moderation.

Raw, local honey is considered by many to be the best form.  Raw honey is not heated or pasteurized, therefore the enzymes remain intact.  It is also considered more desirable by those who have allergies as it appears to be helpful in reducing allergic symptoms and chronic sinusitis.  Local honey has regional pollens in it making it beneficial for helping with local pollen allergies.  One new study even suggests that honey has potential as an additional therapy for "the management of chronic diseases associated with oxidative stress."

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Robin said...

Thanks Mira, I was just looking for a Honey Cake recipe & love King Arthur Flour (a worker-owned company that's been around forever).

Readers might want to check out Anna Brones' "20 Unusual Uses for Honey," which includes both external (antiseptic) and internal (food & drink) uses. Yours truly's "Berries in Light Honey Sauce" is #18. :)|main5|dl8|sec1_lnk3|93243