Monday, January 7, 2013

on my mind monday 01.07.13

It's never the same two weeks in a row.  A collection of what I find interesting in the world of food, nutrition, and holistic health.  Here's what's on my mind.

FDA begins implementing sweeping food-safety law - It's about time.  While I do believe that we need to have better measures in place to protect the safety of our food I will also say that I'm concerned that many larger food producers will still push for self-monitoring.  And I'm not convinced that the government is able to properly monitor our food system.  But changes are coming and I remain hopeful that this will be a positive thing overall.

Washington State eyes labeling GMO - Ready to be filed this week, it's an initiative to label GMO foods.  Also Prop 37 did not pass it opened the eyes of a lot of consumers and got them thinking about what's really in their food.  With around more than 100,000 more signatures than required to send the initiative to the Legislature this measure should be certified by the end of the month, starting the legal process to bring it in front of the voters.  I'm looking forward to watching this and hope that Washington can become the first state to make this happen.

Another hospital banning McDonald's - It's about time.

Gazpacho could help lower blood pressure -  given that it's made from whole foods which are known to have a wide variety of health benefits I wouldn't be surprised if further study proves this to be true.  In any event it's certainly a fabulous way to get a healthy serving of vegetables.  Here's my favorite gazpacho recipe for those willing to drink cold soup during the cold months.

B vitamins may boost colorectal health - B vitamins are so important to our health across a spectrum that includes stress, sleep, the immune system and more.  Now it turns out that they may have a benefit for colorectal health as well.  Studies need to continue however in the meantime it never hurts to continue to eat foods rich in B vitamins.  High levels of B6 can be found in tuna, beef and poultry.  Riboflavin rich foods include venison (also a good source of B6) and yogurt.

Dandy Blend - Not a news article, but definitely something that is on my mind.  With the colder temperatures (yes even in Texas), I've begun to drink more Dandy Blend.  It's a delicious beverage that is an excellent substitute for coffee.  Rich and full bodied I make mine with goat's milk and sometimes for a little treat I top it off with a teaspoon of coconut milk ice cream.  Why is it on my mind?  I met with my editor, Donna, yesterday and made a cup for her.  She had never had it before and loved it.  She said, "This is my new favorite drink."  So I wanted to share, maybe it's your new favorite too.

Here's a fun video from Joy Bauer with information about hot sauce

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