Tuesday, January 6, 2009

conflicting covers

I saw the new crop of magazine covers in the store today.  All the "ladies" magazines with their supposedly encouraging messages about "90 New Ways to Organize," "Lose 30 pounds in 30 days," "Be A Better Mommy with these Top Ten Tips."  Those are actually made up headlines but they are not far off from the backhanded message the magazines try to promote about how worthless we are unless we [insert lead story here].

And if that's not bad enough I have yet to see a magazine that doesn't have some supposedly miraculous weight loss story inside that will change-your-life-forever.  And next to the LARGE BOLD font?  a dessert; usually gooey and sugary, frequently cake but always dessert.

Needless to say this drives me crazy.  No wonder so many people have such a difficult time learning to understand good food and the needs of their body.  They are being sidelined by conflicting messages.  All too often we wind up eating the cake.

It's hard to give up the junk news habit (which is what many of these magazines represent).  Unless you can ignore the negative messages it may be helpful to avoid the magazine altogether and focus instead on building a happier, healthier life by focusing on the real you, the authentic you.  Not the dreamed-up-by-a-corporation you that they try to convince you you are.

Instead of following the magazines it makes more sense to follow a whole body plan, nourish yourself with positive messages, time for de-stressing activities, physical activity, spiritual activity, and whole foods.

Take care of yourself and be well.

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