Saturday, January 17, 2009

think about your drink

Just back from the grocery store and I'm overwhelmed by the trip down the juice aisle.  Diana is having some friends over to watch a movie and we needed some drinks.  I really try to serve healthier drinks than soda.  I object to all of the HFCS and preservatives and even artificial colors in most drinks.

Most of the time we make iced tea or homemade lemonade but it's a lot of kids and I wanted to make life a little easier for myself by simply purchasing juice.  Except it wasn't that simple.  Finding a juice that doesn't have HFCS isn't that difficult (although I am stunned by the number of juices that add it, in my opinion fruit is sweet enough that you don't need the added sugar....but I digress).  Finding one without preservatives is a not too difficult.  Finding one where the first ingredient isn't water?  And the second ingredient isn't sugar?  That proves to be more of a challenge.  And let's not forget all the "drinks" and "cocktails" that are in the juice aisle.  Folks, these are not juices, they are concoctions that have some actual fruit juice in them.  But even the ones that blare out "75% REAL fruit juice" are not free from adulteration.

What we take in to our body is so important to our ongoing health.  Please take the time to read the label and to make sensible, chemical-free choices, for yourself and for your family.

Be well.

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