Tuesday, April 28, 2009

happy but sad

Happy, yes I am, mostly because I am sitting here eating this delicious muffin.  Sad, yup, that too, because I'm not sure I'll be able to replicate it.

It's raining here today...for the third day in a row.  Big bolts of lightning, huge crashes of thunder and a torrential downpour.  Enough to make me decide that I needed some muffins and a cup of tea to cheer myself up.

Not sure what kind of muffin I wanted I decided to rummage and see what we had. Leftover flours in the freezer, millet, corn, oat and wheat yielded just enough flour to feel "muffin-y."  I had some applesauce, a few raisins, some pecans, mixed those together with a couple of glugs of oil, an egg, cinnamon, vanilla, baking powder, baking soda, salt and voila!  It tastes scrumptious.  I just wish I had remembered to measure before I started throwing things into the bowl.

But the important thing to remember here is to be creative with your food.  If you have a little of this, a little of that try it, you'll never know but you may find a new favorite.  If you start with good ingredients you'll usually end up with a pretty successful result.  I think part of what makes this creation so successful is that it is basically a cinnamon raisin muffin with pecans but the balance of the different flours is what makes it special.  A previous family favorite of greens and beans was also a "smattering" recipe it came about because I had a lot of little bits of leftovers.

To the best of my remembering (in other words guesstimating amounts) here is the recipe:

3 C. flour (from assorted grains)
1 C. applesauce
1/3 C. oil
3/4 C. sucanat
1 t. vanilla
2 t. cinnamon
1/2 C. pecans - crushed
1 C. raisins
1 t. baking soda
1/2 t. baking powder
1 t. salt
1 egg

mix all ingredients together
spoon into greased muffin tin
bake 375 F for 15-18 minutes
rest 2 minutes in tin before transferring to a wire rack to cool


PS My friend Mary who stopped by for tea tells me that these are "Yum yum yum!" hope you enjoy them too

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Maia J. Lagerstedt, CHHC said...

Ahh...the healing power of muffins! This recipe sounds delicious--I can't wait to try them myself.