Wednesday, April 22, 2009

organic gardening

It's beginning to take off.  First we started with the White House Organic Garden

Now we have the People's Garden.

It seems like the concept of organic gardening is "taking off." Believe me, this is a good thing. Organically grown food has no pesticide residue because pesticides aren't used. Organic farming methods produce lower levels of pollution and conserve soil and water resources. Organic fruits and vegetables have more nutrients because the soil isn't depleted by use of chemical fertilizers. In my book these are all compelling reasons why organic needs to become the norm rather than the exception.

In one of the classes that I teach I tell people about the benefits of buying organic. I understand that for a lot of people it's a difficult decision and one that involves your wallet. One resource that I encourage them (and you) to take advantage of is the Environmental Working Group's Shopping Guide to Pesticides which tells you which are the 12 biggest pesticide laden fruits and vegetables and which are least likely to be affected. This printable guide can help you make better decisions at the grocery store.

Of course big agribusiness isn't too thrilled about public organic gardening but then again I wouldn't expect them to be. I do, however, expect this trend to continue; it's better for all of us, for the environment and for future generations.

Be well.


Bridget said...

That's a great guide...thank you! I hate to see all of the produce I buy regularly on the "bad" side. I buy about half and half organic.

We just got our first CSA delivery today...I am so excited! I'm already feeling inspired to eat healthier!

Mira Dessy said...

Bridget, Congrats on the CSA delivery. It's amazing to discover what seasonal eating really is.

On buying organic, I tell people to do what they can, just make sure you're aware of what you're getting. Sounds like you're doing a good job working toward healthful eating and mindfulness.