Thursday, May 28, 2009


A recent article in Time magazine talked about a new drink on the market, Drank. The Time article refers to it as the "anti-red bull", the company itself promotes the drink as an "anti-energy" drink. I'm appalled that such a thing is even on the market.

I do not like all of the energy drinks, they are so unhealthy with their overload of caffeine, sugar and chemicals. Unfortunately since they tend to have celebrity endorsements and be a part of popular culture many people drink them not realizing how unhealthy they are. Now, with the appearance of this new drink, you can apparently overstimulate yourself with one and then try to calm yourself with another. Or possibly just try to help yourself get to sleep with your soda. As with the energy drinks this new "anti-energy" drink has a lot of sugar. In addition to high fructose corn syrup it apparently has a grape flavor. Also included in the ingredients are valerian root and melatonin, an herb that promotes sleep and a hormone that promotes sleep. While I'm not sure if there is enough of either in the drink to truly have an effect I do know that the high levels of HFCS combined with these is sure to send your body into some sort of metabolic shock.

Do yourself a favor, avoid this stuff like the plague and keep it away from the kids.

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