Thursday, May 7, 2009

grilled chicken give-away

I just got an excited announcement from a friend about a free coupon that she got from Oprah.  Apparently on her tv show Oprah announced that she was "giving a gift to all her viewers" and offered up a KFC coupon good for a free grilled chicken meal.  My friend wanted to know if she should redeem her coupon.  In all honesty I had to tell her no, and here's why:

a)  Although the chicken is grilled, which is admittedly better, it is still a highly processed meat and probably loaded with tons of antibiotics and other chemicals.  I really advocate eating the best meat possible and this does not cut it in my book.

b)  The meal comes with two sides and a biscuit.  I checked the website and found that their sides are potato wedges, seasoned rice, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and macaroni and cheese.  All starches.  There is also baked beans which are probably pretty high in sugar and possibly other chemical additives, green beans which I'm guessing are loaded with fat, and coleslaw in some sort of dressing.  Too many carbs, too much fat and far too many chemicals.

c)  You will probably be tempted to ameliorate the calories by getting a diet soda on the side.  That or any other soda is simply not a good choice.

d) Since you are getting a free meal you may be tempted to get a dessert.  The choices here are overwhelming in their highly processed simple carb, high sugar content.  Nothing that anyone should be eating and something that will definitely cause blood sugar imbalances.

So as exciting as this offer sounds I would have to advise her, and all my readers, to pass on this one. 

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