Monday, August 10, 2009

fizzy milk? one has to ask...why?

Apparently Coke is at it again. Not content to try to convince the public that their product is an herbal drink or pushing yet another fake chemical sweetener, they have now developed a new drink...fizzy milk. A combination of skim milk, sparkling water, fruit flavor and sugar. I haven't seen it but supposedly the milk will not curdle even though the product sits on the shelf unrefrigerated. I have to imagine that there are chemicals in there to keep it from spoiling. Add in 26g of sugar per 8oz bottle and it's not something that anyone should be drinking.

If you want to drink milk, drink milk, not an over-sugared, chemical-laden soft drink. Your best choices for drinks are, as always, water, water with lemon or lime, herbal teas, green tea, and nourishing broths.

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