Friday, January 29, 2010

revisiting tuscan stew

The Tuscan Stew appears to have been well received. First Carol wrote in with her notes about it; now Claire has written in and provided this beautiful picture as well (thank you so much for that, I really am not good at photographs and need to work on that).

Claire writes, "Tonight I invited my girl friend over for dinner and used your recipe to cook the lentil dish . I added a lot of Italian seasoning and ground basil and the aroma when the stew was simmering was just fantastic. Both my friend and I enjoyed the flavor as well. She needed to add some salt to it as I didn't put salt. But for me this dish is so flavorful, even without salt I didn't feel like it was missing anything (plus the chicken stock already contains sodium). I like the combination of the colors, textures and flavors of the Italian seasoning, tomatoes, onions and lentils, which really works! We served it over brown rice and it was great!

Thanks for your creativity & recipe. I have always enjoyed reading your posting about nutrition and yummy recipes. Keep up the great work!

I'm really glad that people are enjoying this recipe so much. It's become a new favorite in our house and if you haven't tried it I hope you will.

Thanks also for the comments, I love hearing back from folks.

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