Friday, August 5, 2011

managing leftovers

I'm eating in a new, to me, way.  Following a rotation diet that was carefully designed to avoid any of the food sensitivities that showed up on the test.  The purpose of a rotation diet is to help avoid any potential new food sensitivities from cropping up by not eating them more than once every four days.  It is a generally accepted practice as those who have food sensitivities have inflammation going on in their gut and it's far to easy for them to eat too much of one food thereby triggering a sensitivity to those proteins as well.

A new challenge that I am discovering is the concept of leftovers.  In the past if we had leftovers I happily ate them.  I love leftovers.  Now that's not an option unless it's something that everyone else will eat, it freezes well, or it will last four days until I can eat it again.  I'm determined to be consistent about this as I know that it is important.  So I'm also trying to learn to cook more in line with what we will actually eat.  Whereas before it didn't matter, now it does.

I'm realizing I used to be very laissez faire about leftovers and now I need to think about those too.

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