Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the whole food guide for breast cancer survivors

For all of those out there who have survived breast cancer there is now a book, The Whole Food Guide For Breast Cancer Survivors, that goes beyond primary treatment and survival.  With the information in this book you can learn how to support your body, to be can be healthy and strong using nutrition and a holistic health focus.

Covering a wide variety of topics including environmental risk factors, understanding hormones, glucose and metabolism, chemical exposures, and even a thorough explanation of those nutrients and foods which are highly supportive to health, this book covers the broad spectrum of what you need to know.  Providing background material and in-depth studies the work is well-supported and scientifically grounded.

Written in a straightforward and easy to understand manner the book provides a solid foundation of knowledge for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of how their food affects their body and their health when breast cancer is involved.  It also includes a wide variety of delicious recipes, the foundations of eating for health, a sample meal plan, and ideas for incorporating these healthy and delicious food choices into your diet.

It isn't, however, just a discussion of nutrients and chemicals; the book also points out various types of therapy, diagnostic tools, and laboratories that offer additional or alternative treatments for breast cancer.  There are educational resources including books and support organizations.  The resource section even lists a number of retreats that are specifically for breast cancer patients, survivors, and some are also for family members.

If you or someone you love is a breast cancer survivors, this book would be a great resource.  But it's not just for survivors, it would also be an excellent roadmap for those who may discover that they are at risk for breast cancer.


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