Saturday, December 6, 2008

letter to obama

As a Nutrition Educator, I, of course, watch food news very carefully.  Along with many others I am waiting to hear who President-elect Obama will select for Secretary of Agriculture.  A position that is critical to the health and nutrition of our country.

While I am certainly not so eloquent nor so well-known as Michael Pollan, I do feel our new President needs to know how all of his citizens feel about this and other important issues.  I have written a letter, sent via the website, and I encourage you to do the same.

My letter was short but states exactly how I feel:

"Dear President-elect Obama,

As a Nutrition Educator, I work very hard to help people make the choice for healthy eating. I am a firm believer that what we eat affects our health. I urge you to very carefully consider whom you choose for Secretary of Agriculture. PLEASE do not allow someone who believes in chemicals such as rBHG or GMO foods to make choices that affect our nation's health. America is currently engaged in the largest food experiment ever promoted. The American public does not have choice, they are not told which foods are modified. Recent research shows that this will lead to even more poor health and possible fertility failure for this country as well as insurmountable health care costs as we try to deal with this situation.

I urge you to choose someone who has the vision to support a healthy American population instead of continuing to line the pockets of corporations who only care about their bottom line profits.


Mira G. Dessy "

If you haven't heard about Michael Pollan's wonderful letter (written before the election) you can see it  here.

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