Monday, December 15, 2008


According to an article I recently read at the baobab is the next superfruit.  I imagine this means it should be hitting the shores of the USA any day now.

Apparently the fruit has extraordinarily high levels of vitamin C, nearly six times that of an orange.    It is also reported to be high in calcium, potassium, both soluable and insoluable fibers.  The fruit is also anti-inflammatory and antipyretic (fever reducing).  These are indeed wonderful benefits.  Additionally many parts of the tree are usable, the seeds, fruit, fibers, leaves.  These are sometimes used in cosmetics, folk-medicine and will no doubt find their way into every imaginable product.

While I am always happy to find foods that have great nutritional benefit I confess to being underwhelmed at the thought of another "super" food.  From açaí  to goji berries to mangosteen and more, every new discovery brings a touted superfood at an enormous price and a massive marketing campaign to try to convince us to buy a product, any product, that has this newest discovery in it (sometimes in the most minimal quantities).

I feel it is important to stay on top of these things but to also be aware of what is available around you. Before you rush off and buy the latest baobab concoction, think more about what you eat on a regular basis.  Improving daily nutrition is better for long-term health than jumping on the latest-and-greatest bandwagon.   Spending your food dollars for overall health, such as fresh, local, organic food is better than spending a large sum for a small quantity of any food, no matter how super it purports to be.

If you're curious, by all means try it, I certain plan to; then remember to eat well from the abundance that surrounds you.

Be well.

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