Thursday, December 4, 2008

people power

As a Nutrition Educator I do more than talk to people about food. We talk about choices, changes, finding ways to reduce stress in our lives, adding exercise, meditation and a lot of different things. Stress is a big one. We all face it every day. How we react to it can have a huge impact on our health, so finding ways to reduce our stress can be a very good thing to do.

I don't know about you but one of my least favorite activities is to spend what feels like hours on the phone in Voice Mail Hades trying to get to a real person. By the time I get to that person if there is a problem of any sort I'm already at a boiling point. Not a good way to get things resolved and certainly not healthy for me or the person on the other end of the phone.

I have found one great tip to help circumvent some of this; Get Human is a wonderful online resource to find the prompts and/or voice responses you need to get through to a real human being as quickly as possible. The website is broken down into categories such as finance, government, insurance.  

So the next time you are facing a potential foray into voice mail take two deep breaths, check out GetHuman and calmly make that call.

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