Wednesday, December 14, 2011

heading home for the holidays

over the river and through the wood | photo: ladyheart
The winter holidays are fast approaching.  For many people this includes travel plans to spend the time with friends or family.  If you're going to be on the road, either by plane, train, or automobile plan ahead for snacks and beverages.

Of course on an airplane you can't bring beverages with you.  You can, however, bring an empty, eco-friendly water bottle and refill once you get past security.  Once you are on the plane consider getting juice mixed with seltzer rather than soda or straight juice.  Soda, of course, is not a healthy option while juice alone provides a lot of sugar; diluting it reduces the sugars while still helping you to stay hydrated.

If you're traveling by another method be sure to bring healthy beverage choices with you, such as lots of water.  This can not only help you avoid dehydration, but can also save you money as on-the-road purchases are often much more expensive.

Protein is important to help stabilize blood sugar.  Consider bringing snacks with you to avoid the munchies and the temptation to purchase non-nutritious, fatty, sugary road food choices.  Options might include:

  • my favorite trail mix (raw and unsalted):  3 parts nuts, 2 parts seeds, 1 part unsulfured dry fruit
  • a salad with some healthy protein: chicken, turkey, beef, or ham, or eggs
  • a wrap with some healthy protein: chicken, turkey, beef, or ham, or eggs
  • cheese and whole grain crackers with delicious olives, pickles  and other finger foods
  • those little pouches of tuna (w/o liquid), add your own whole grain crackers
  • preservative free turkey jerky
  • healthy protein bars
Planning ahead for your travel needs can help you avoid the pitfalls of on-the-road non-nutritious food choices.  You'll arrive with stable blood sugar and well-hydrated, a great start to a happy, healthy holiday.


MidnightAgenda said...

Good to know. I should prob look up what food is acceptable to bring on the train as we will be on it for +-36 hours.

Mira Dessy said...

Please let us know what you find if there are any specific prohibitions on food items for train travel.